Knysna station - Pic by Andrew Spencer of Pinelands Cape Town
Wilderness 30 November 2005
RSSA tour 1982 at Wilderness
RSSA tour 1982 leaving Wilderness
Class 24 passing the Choo-Tjoe at Wilderness station 1989
A new begining 9 August 2012
Touch down
Job done  loading for the trip to the Knysna station
Inga Chinnery cleaning and painting components September 2011
Refitting the rebuilt engine September 2011
Wow! Would you believe that it is the same body after all the work by Colin Jenkins - November 2011
Testing the fit of the nose sheet after panelbeating August 2011
Assessing the work February 2011
Cleaning the chassis and drive train June 2011
Chassis and drive train May 2011
Body frame after sandblasting and primer
Body frame being prepared for removal March 2011
The floor is out March 2011
Out come the pieces February 2012
Dashboard 19 Februay 2012
The drivers seat 17 Decmber 2011
Loading at Sandstone Heritage Estates February 2012
Goukamma siding March 2011
Goukamma tea garden and restaurant March 2011
Sedgefield station
Ruigtervlei siding 2011
The walkers
Voiew over the Knysna Lagoon from Brenton on lakes
Sand washed over the line above Goukamma station
Sand washed over the line above the Knysna Lagoon
Metelerkamp farm Goukamma view from the line
Bridge crossing the Goukamma River
Above Goukamma
19D with clean exhaust fumes climbing out of Sedgfield
Class 24 3627, 3669,3670 crossing the Swartvlei causeway 1982
Class 24 approaching Sedgfield after crossing the Swartvlei causeway17 February 1984
Class 24 approaching Sedgefield 16 February 1984
Looking east towards the turntable
Looking west
Looking east
Job almost done
Looking good
Hard at work
Before - March 2011
Watering at old Knysna station 1980's
Locomotive preparation Knysna station 1980's
19D making ready to depart Knysna 27 July 2004
Daily mixed departing Knysna behind a 19D 27 July 2004
19D departing Knysna 27 July 2004
19D 2749 17 February 2004
RAAS tour Class 24 3627, 3669, 3670 leaving Knysna 19 April 1979
Class 24 approaching Knysna daily mixed
Class 24 approaching Knysna - 21 March 1985
19D approaching the first bridge over the Knysna lagoon 23 August 2003
19D Crossing the Knysna Lagoon 23 August 2003
Triple headed Sunset Special  to Knysna November 1979
19D with a goods run to Knysna
Rounding the bend at Keytersnek Nov 2004
19D slugs up to Keytersnek en route to Knysna November 2004
19D hauls the George to Knysna past Keytersnek
Class 24 3627, 3669, 3670 April 1979 approaching Sedgefield
Class 24 3627, 3669, 3670 18 April 1979 between Goukamma and Keytersnek
RSSA tour 1983 at Goukamma
RSSA tour 18 April 1979 Class 24 3627, 3669, 3670
Class12 3627 on daily goods
Landslip near Kaaimans River bridge - note services supplying Wilderness
Landslip near Wilderness station
Wilderness tunnel
Swartvlei causeway Sedgefield
Swartvlei Sedgefield
Swartvlei Sedgefield
Causeway at Swartvlei near Sedgefield
Slip between Kaaimans and Wilderness August 2006
Rails cut at Kaaimans to avoid damage to bridge in the event of further land slip
Moulen River
Moulen River
Moulen River Exposed culvert
Moulen River rock slide
Moulen River Rock slide
Moulen River Rock slide
Moulen River
Moulen River area
Keytersnek wash-a-way
Flood damage near Wilderness station  August 2006
Land slip adjacent to Kaaimans River bridge
Class 24 3669 George
Class 24 3627 George
Class 24 3627 about to depart George daily goods
Class 24 3622 George
RSSA tour, 1983 at George prior to visiting Knysna.
RSSA tour 1983, Saturday behind gmam arriving at George b
RSSA tour 1983 Sunday. Class 24 3669 leading
RSSA tou 1983 arriving in George having crossed the Montague Pass
GMA 4130 George
Class 24 3670 on George shed
19D runs round its train on 22 August 2003 at George Museum Station
RSSA railtour 1983 Sunday
Ebb and Flow, Daily mixed
Ebb and Flow, Daily mixed return
Class 24 watering at Duiverivier
Class 24 3627 on daily goods. Swartvlei station
Static dining car at Cape Town station at Xmas 1984
Saloon 796 at Knysna December 1983
Saloon 796 at Knysna December 1983
Protea saloon 219 at Knysna December 1984
Protea saloon 219 at George December 1984
Interior of Protea Saloon 219 Knysna December 1984
RSSA TOUR 1983 Class 24s 3669 leading
RSSA TOUR 1983 Sunday
RSSA Tour 1983 3669 leading Sunday
RSSA tour 1983 Saturday
RSSA TOUR 1982 Sunday Class 24s 3627,3669 and 3670
Kaaimans 30 Nov 05
19D crosses the Kaaimans River Bridge

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